Friday, January 25, 2013

A typical day's breakfast

So what you got here are four of those "Cuties" mandarin oranges, plus half the peel from one of the oranges, along with a diced Red Delicious apple. If you want a thicker smoothie, use three oranges instead of four.

In goes a spatula-full glop of Greek yogurt from Costco.

And a handful of washed spinach leaves.

One scoop of vanilla whey protein powder from Target.

Add in some frozen pineapple chunks, again from Costco.

And pile on frozen blueberries.

So after putting on the lid, of course, I  press the "Smoothie" button, which my finger is of course covering. Once that is done running, I hold down the "Pulse" button, which you do see, for about 15 seconds. Those pineapple chunks need it.


and After.

The yield is one typical glass, and a big blue Tupperware cup.

Cleanup is easy. I rinse out the blender body with hot water, and squirt in some dish soap.

Hit it on "Pulse" for 10 seconds, and it foams up crazy!

The resulting foam is fantastic for cleaning up everything from breakfast. Rinse it out and let it dry in the dish rack.

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