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Well, there really ain't much to tell here. I'm Alan McCollough, and as far as this blog goes, let me tell you how it went down. Back in what, July of 2012, I was visiting family in California when we went into a Costco. I watched a demo put on there for the Blendtec blender. Other members of my family were experimenting with juicing, that is, using a juicer to concoct drinks to use as a meal substitute.

Well, I saw that juicing looked interesting, and I saw saw a video Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead, which you may have heard of. Juicing was appealing, but I had first-hand experience with cleaning a juicer out after each session, and not only does it take at least 5 minutes to do properly, you see that most of the fruit and vegetables you put in get tossed out as pulp.

So back to the Blendtec demo at Costco. This blender could probably be used to mix cement if you needed it to. In my opinion, it is indestructible. Whatever went in, you drank. All that beneficial (don't take that as a medical statement) pulp and what-not went into you instead of the trash can. And the cleanup took only a few seconds. There was no question in my mind that the Blendtec was the way to go. I picked up a Blendtec blender at that Costco, and haven't looked back since.

I've lost 10 pounds in a  month, and I've been making some great drinks along the way. So has my wife. She too enjoys the blender lifestyle. I should note, we're not drinking blender drinks exclusively, but we are cutting out obvious eating no-nos such as, oh, doughnuts. In short, we're not hardcore dieting, but instead, are simply enjoying the blender lifestyle.

You know what, though, the most important thing in life ain't no blender, it's Jesus.

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